Origin Green…

At the heart of Origin Green is a programme plan which encourages Slaney Foods and other food companies to engage directly with the challenges of sustainability through reducing energy inputs, minimizing carbon footprint and lessening the overall impact on the environment.

Origin Green has complimented our corporate sustainability commitment which is endorsed by the Board of Directors and implemented by the Management Team and the company employees.  Additional it has provided us with the framework for a robust sustainability plan for our business which is independently verified.

Slaney Foods were one of the first verified members of Origin Green. Our sustainability targets are ambitious, and we have already had significant achievements in the areas of energy and waste usage efficiencies, water recycling and reducing our carbon footprint. We have achieved zero waste to landfill while also reducing the amount of general waste and increasing recycling across the site. Our plan is to continuously find ways to reduce the amount of water, energy and carbon through various projects associated with Lean manufacturing.   Slaney Foods is proud to have obtained Origin Green Gold Membership in 2020 and again in 2021.

Our sustainability commitment means that our customers can be proud we are contributing to the long term security of supply of food and food ingredients and protecting our brand integrity.