Climate Change…

The consequences of climate change for our planet are far reaching, with impacts on water resources, agriculture and public health.

We are committed to managing and minimising our impact on climate change through collaboration and direction action.

We will collaborate with our farmer suppliers and our customers to produce beef in a sustainable manner.

We will act to reduce our greenhouse emissions through efficient resource use.

The following initiatives are important for this:

  • Promotion of environmental awareness among all our employees and the generation of an ethos of continual improvement within the company.
  • Diligent management of operations by employing energy control mechanisms, procedures and processes which are technologically proven and economically feasible.
  • Reduction of waste and implementation of sustainable environmental options for the disposal of unrecoverable materials, promotion of the use of recycled materials and the sourcing of sustainable packaging for our products.
  • Promotion of continual improvement, pollution prevention and premium environmental management