Food Safety & Quality…

Food Safety is a Priority

Slaney Foods constantly works to exceed food safety standards because food safety is a fundamental principle. Our commitment is proven by our investment in plant and equipment and also in staff training.

This makes us the ideal partner for food manufacturers and retailers whose brands are trusted by consumers to guarantee food safety.


From the welfare of the animal entering our lairage until our beef is delivered to the customer, there is rigorous attention to detail and respect of best practice to protect and enhance in a natural way the quality Irish beef supplied by our farmers.


By DNA recording each animal, full traceability is guaranteed. This provides a clear link in our supply chain at all times, helping customers to authenticate product origin and integrity.


Slaney Foods International is an EU Approved plant which also enjoys approval for export to all markets open to the Republic of Ireland (African markets, Canada, China, Japan, Russia and USA)

Accreditation – Slaney Foods has achieved and maintained Grade AA+  BRC Global Standard Food Safety.

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