Our Product Range…

Slaney Gold

The Slaney Gold range is a superior quality product that is the most exclusive product line that we supply. It is distributed through key select channels in the various markets we serve. With this range, you can be sure of receiving the very best that Slaney Foods has to offer.

Slaney Valley

As part of a continuous innovation drive, the Slaney Valley brand was launched as a premium range, on the European market. It has grown from strength to strength and is recognised as a quality brand with a reputation for excellence in the fresh meat industry. Many of our customers now insist on their beef being from the Slaney Valley range, such is the consistent level of quality and excellence it provides to their end users.

Irish Country

Ireland’s abundance of fresh green pastures and our temperate climate allows beef selected for the Irish Country brand to be reared outdoors in the traditional way on a predominantly grass based diet resulting in a product with a delicious and distinct flavour. Selected from only the best Irish farms, Irish Country Beef is traditionally matured and carefully prepared using the skills and craftsmanship of master butchers to ensure optimum tenderness and product presentation

Slaney Angus

Irish Angus Cattle are characteristically black, polled beef type animals.  Angus cattle are hardy, adaptable cattle suitable to beef production under a range of different production and environmental conditions.  In early 2007 we introduced our very own Aberdeen Angus club, highlighting a commitment to our customers and an assured supply of beef.

Certified Hereford Irish Beef

Hereford beef is renowned for its unique superior flavour and tenderness due to the natural marbling of meat.  Through our partnership with the Irish Hereford Breed Society, Slaney Foods International now has the opportunity to supply quality Certified Hereford Irish beef to our customers. A Gold Star award winner at London’s Great Taste Awards, our Irish Hereford beef consistently delivers traditional quality, flavour together with the tenderness expected from great tasting Hereford beef.

Slaney Organic

Slaney Foods are a leading processor of Organic Beef and offer a full range of organic products.  We are registered members of I.O.A (Irish Organic Association).   All our organic beef comes from Bord Bia Quality Assured Irish Farms.