At Slaney Foods we work closely with our farmer producers to be able to meet our customer requirements while ensuring a progressive future within our farming industry.

Slaney Herd Scheme

Slaney Foods have taken the lead from a quality perspective and have successfully implemented and maintained the “Slaney Herd Scheme”.
This innovative and reliable scheme ensures quality assurance, with over 3,000 independently approved farms receiving a bonus for the production of in-spec cattle. Combined with our computer-based traceability systems this guarantees consistent product quality and safety.

Consumers and Beef professionals have rediscovered the unique flavour and quality provided by breeds native to the island, especially Hereford and Aberdeen Angus.

Hereford Cattle Grazing

Slaney Hereford Scheme

Hereford Beef is of excellent meat eating quality, known for its tenderness and flavour.
The Irish Hereford Society has teamed up with Slaney Foods International to provide Certified Quality Irish Hereford Beef. Quality assured farmers are invited to join us in providing more Hereford cattle under our scheme. For further information, please contact our Cattle Procurement Team.

Slaney Angus Scheme

Angus beef has justifiably earned a worldwide reputation for quality. This is so much the case that it immediately reassures the consumer once Angus beef is mentioned. The Irish Angus Producer Group works with Slaney Foods International to provide Certified Angus Beef.  For further supplier information, please contact our Cattle Procurement Team.
Angus Cattle in a Field
Organic Cattle in a field

Slaney Organic

Slaney Foods as one of Irelands’ leading processors of Organic Beef offers a full range of organic products. Ensuring quality, traceability and all year supply has made us one of the premier organic beef processors in Europe.
By working in conjunction with farmers, customers, farmer co-op’s and I.O.A., Slaney Foods has been able to grow its organic beef throughput to now position itself as a prominent player in the organic beef supply chain.