Follow RTE 2FM presenter Carl Mullan as he goes on a journey to get back to basics with food and nutrition and tackle those bad food habits picked up during lockdown.

This is a 3-part series initiative by Meat and Dairy Facts (MADF) in collaboration with different stakeholders including MII.  The focus of the series is to bring the audience on a journey exploring why a balanced diet including meat and dairy is beneficial, both from a nutritional and environmental perspective.

The first episode is an introduction.  It’s a new year and time to wipe the slate clean. Carl has picked up bad habits in lockdown, is now seeking to improve his diet and seeks the assistance of well-known nutritionist Orla Walsh (who is also working with MADF). She advises on the benefits of a balanced diet and the role of meat and dairy.


In Episode 2, Carl speaks directly to a local farmer to learn about quality Irish produce and the great work done in the sector.


In Episode 3, Carl who is not the best of cooks leans on friend and chef Lilly Higgins (Irish Food writer, blogger, photographer and Chef) to assist him with simple recipes using quality Irish meat & dairy produce.